No longer accepting orders through January 2023 - please use the contact form to ask about ordering for February 2023 and beyond

Fully booked through January 2023!

Thank you for an amazing year despite our limited availability. We wish you the happiest of holidays! Please check back at the end of January 2023 for availability. We’d love to help celebrate that special person, day, or occasion in your life!

Specialty Cakes and Desserts

Whiskful aims to be part of your everyday celebrations and special occasions with delectable cakes that are tailor made and inspired by you. Founded by Jessey Eng in September 2019 after she left her corporate job to pursue her passion for baking, Whiskful is a bakery that specializes in cakes and desserts ranging from familiar classics to ones that embody a unique fusion of flavors. Order the one you have been dreaming of today!

Serving Somerville, MA, Cambridge, MA, and the greater Boston area. Offering local pick up from Somerville.

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